About Us

Speech and Language pathologists and audiologists work with infants, children and adults with speech, voice, language, communication, hearing and swallowing disabilities across the life span.

The Israel Speech, Hearing and Language Association (ISHLA) is the central organizational and recognized professional body for Speech and Language pathologists and Audiologists for the last fifty years. ISHLA serves as a professional organization for about 1400 licensed members including Jewish and Arabic members.  ISHLA leads, represents, guides, advances, and provides training for communication clinicians in Israel and initiates cooperative efforts with other paraprofessional groups, including the international association (IALP), the World Health Organization, the world of academia, and other public and social-based bodies in order to maintain and develop high professional standards and support research as well as high standards of clinical practice in the field of communication disorders. 

We strive for professional excellence and to maintain our code of ethics, while fully committed to safeguarding the interests of the patients: infants, children, adults and adults with difficulties/disabilities, at the same time as preserving the freedom of occupation

?What is unique about us

We think out of the box by examining and presenting new ways to treat our patient population. For example, we established a choir for people with Parkinson disease, and we provide an intense leadership course for communication clinicians to facilitate their incorporation in managing positions in which economical and professional decisions are made. For the last fifty years, we have organized the country’s annual conference in Communication Disorders. We are also going to be hosting an international conference in Communication Disorders in 2025. In addition, we wholeheartedly embrace new students, young clinicians and immigrants by providing professional integration into the labor market.

Our focus is on

  • Promoting knowledge and continues education, in the field of Communication Disorders
  • Empowering Women in Leadership Positions

What We Do

We provide ongoing professional education via advanced courses, conferences, and intense 1-day seminars with specific focus on hearing, language, speech, communication, and swallowing issues.  We also work toward the advancement of the field by promoting and updating our code of ethics, reestablishing a website with information to professionals and families, facilitate public awareness to the field via community lectures, embrace students making the transition from the classroom to the workforce, and maintain an up-to-date webinar library in order to provide our therapists with the latest scientific literature that serves them in updating their professional knowledge.