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In Israel in order to work as a Speech Therapist and/ or Audiologist, one must obtain a license from the Ministry of Health. To obtain a license you must first contact the Ministry of Health (Misrad Habriut) Here.

You will be asked to present documentation (see list below).


If you live in the Jerusalem area or in Acco, Tzfat, Nazareth, Afula, Tiberias or Be’er Sheva, this documentation must be sent via registered mail to:

Licensing department, Ministry of Health,

Yermiyahu 39, Jerusalem, 9446724.

If you live outside of these areas, you must bring these documents in person to your local Misrad Habriut office. For a listing of offices, see Misrad Habriut offices .

Required Documents for the Licensing Process:

  1.  All documents must be translated and notarized by an Israeli notary. For each document that you submit, you will need to submit 1 notarized copy, plus a photocopy of that same document (Please also keep a photocopy of each notarized document for your files). Do not submit any original files.
  2.  You may not notarize the documents using a North American or U.K. notary, nor can you do this at the Israeli Consulate.
  3.  Documents that are not written in Hebrew or Arabic, must be translated to Hebrew using an authorized translator in Israel.

The following documents must be included with the request:

  1.  2 passport pictures.
  2.  A copy of your identification card (Teudat Zehut), including the addendum (Sefach) with your address. If you are applying pre-Aliyah, please submit a copy of your current passport with your application to the Ministry of Health (Misrad Habriut).
  3. Your final diploma or a certificate from the university indicating completion of studies, fulfillment of all of the university’s requirements and eligibility for a diploma in the relevant field, which will be granted at a specified date.
  4. An official document from the University indicating the start and end date of studies.
  5.  An official document of an internship and practicum (“stage”) indicating the number of hours that you completed. Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists are required to complete 750 hours of internship and practicum. Speech Language Pathologists who are also seeking licensing as audiologists are required to complete 1,000 hours of internship and practicum. The greater the number of hours considered as part of your internship and practicum, the more likely it is that your licensing process will proceed smoothly. If you did not complete an internship or practicum, please provide an official certification about supervised work done in the field abroad, with a valid license, for at least one year. One year of supervised work abroad as a licensed SLP or audiologist can also count in lieu of some hours of internship.
  6.  Official certifications of work experience, from the relevant institutions, indicating the start and end date of work in each institution.
  7. A valid license.
  8. A professional letter of good standing from the board of the state in which one is licensed.
    The letter should confirm that there are no, and have not been any, disciplinary, negligence or professional ethics complaints against the SLP this letter is issued from the board of the state in which one is licensed. If it is sent directly to the Israeli Minestry of Health (Misrad Habriut) from the board it does not have to be translated and notarized. Please ensure in this case, that the letter is sent only once the rest of the documents have been received by the Misrad Habriut Alternatively, You may have the letter of good standing sent to you. If you leave it in the sealed envelope, you can add it to the rest of the documents that you send in to the Misrad Habriut – and you do not need to notarize and translate it. It may be a good idea to ask the board for a copy of the letter- just to have. Physicians from the UK should ask for a letter of good standing to be sent by registered mail from the GMC directly to Misrad Habriut (the GMC will only mail it directly, and this is the only way to guarantee its arrival). Physicians from Montreal should obtain the letter from the College des Medicines du Quebec.
  9. An application form..the request should be sent to: Yermeyahu 39, Jerusalem 9101002, POB 1176.
    Phone Numbers: *0055 ; 050-0201515 Fax 052-0000505Hours of operation: 8:00-16:00
  10. An application requesting to be tested in the relevant field. The forms will be sent to the eligible Speech therapists and or Audiologists
  11. Documentation regarding a name change, where relevant.
    Please note: The Israeli Ministry of Health does not recognize online degrees. You will need to:
    – Take a Hebrew proficiency test http://www.nite.org.il/ Or participate in Ulpan – Grade 3 successfully
    – Pass a knowledge test in the area you wish to obtain a license
    Details regarding dates of the exam and syllabus can be seen via the link below

    After passing the exams you will receive your license in the mail If you are interested in talking with other clinicians who have gone through a similar process
    and/or would like to inquire about work opportunities, you can join the Facebook group מתקשרות קלינאיות.
    additional sites for information is: www.Janglo.net, and Nefesh B’Nefesh

We are here to assist you in the process- please contact us with any other questions you may have.
We would also be happy to add any other information that you think may be helpful that does not appear here. Please let us know
Good Luck,

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Disclaimer: Misrad Habriut (MoH) regulations are subject to change without advance notice and are constantly changing. For the most current information regarding licensing procedures, please see Misrad Habriut’s site. ISHLA does not take responsibility for inaccuracies on the site or changes to the law.